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Tired of waiting to get 'lucky'?
Ready to meet the RIGHT women?

Most men rely on luck for their dating success. Most men also have poor dating lives. Relying on luck in dating is like using lottery tickets as an investment strategy - a REALLY BAD idea!
It's time to take control of your own dating life and get the success with women that you WANT and DESERVE. Get started TODAY and turn your dating life into a success story!

How to Build The System for YOU

To minimize luck and maximize results, I am going to help you build a system from the ground up that is perfectly suited for YOU!
Your goals, personality, and preferences are different from mine or anyone else's, so it's crucial that you have the right strategy for who you are and who you want to meet. I will personally help you build that perfect strategy that GUARANTEES success with the types of women you love the most!

Building Your System

THe 14 Types

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You KNOW that you have a 'type,' the women you like best, and some that you are less attracted to...

Most people think that if you just 'be yourself,' then the right girl will find you... but that's horseshit. 

Once I figured out the 14 different types.  I wondered to myself... Is it possible to build a 'system' that would attract a specific type of women?

This is what led me to create the Girlfriend Accelerator.

By studying the psychology of these different types, what they want and don't want, I realized that ANYONE can build a system. The best part is you can do it NATURALLY... Without changing who YOU are!!

No need to learn specific lines, canned routines, or stilted dialogues, you just need to learn how to present yourself for maximum attractiveness to the types you want!

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The Flirting 101 Video Course

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Whether you're young, inexperienced, or just getting back into dating, Flirting 101 is a great place to start! You'll learn the basics of how to start and carry on a fun, engaging conversation that will make women LOVE talking to you!

Inside the course, you'll learn techniques like:

  • What you should and should not compliment on a girl and why!
  • How to break the touch barrier... without being creepy!
  • The most powerful strategy to make ANYONE want to talk to you!
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Learn About Our Flagship Program

The Girlfriend Accelerator

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This course is designed for the man who wants to take control of his dating life.
In this video course, I will take you from knowing nothing to having the girlfriend of your dreams in 8 weeks or less!

Inside the course, you will learn exactly how to:

  • Develop your Perfect System to find, approach, and meet women NATURALLY
  • ​Turn conversations into numbers and dates, and exactly what dates to go on
  • Stop relying on Luck and CONTROL YOUR OWN DATING LIFE!
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Free Private Coaching Call

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Some situations are too complex or too difficult to handle on your own, and it can help to have a professional give you guidance on what to do next. If you want to make sure you are doing everything right and have the help you need when things get hard, apply to work directly with me.

When working with me, you will get:

  • A ​Personalized Dating Strategy, tailored to your desires and needs
  • Weekly 1:1 Strategy Calls to ensure you stay on track and achieve your goals
  • A LIFETIME SUCCESS GUARANTEE: I will work with you constantly until you succeed!
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What others are saying about us

Statements from some of my students!

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"He understands women on the deepest level"

Jack has helped me get over many issues with regards to dealing with women. From getting over approach anxiety, to dealing with relationship toxicity, his advice has helped me come a long way. There was once when I had relationship issues with a girl because we did not see eye-to-eye on certain things. But Jack highlighted to me that the only way the relationship was going to work was if I stood my ground, and to prioritize my own long-term happiness over short-term pain from ending the relationship.
 He understands women on the deepest level, whilst also understanding what men want, and genuinely wants to help you improve and become a better man. I highly recommend getting to know Jack and learning from him if you want to take control of your life and really start dating the women you really want.

- Luke

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"Jack knows what he's talking about from years of first-hand experience"

I came to Asia not knowing much about the local women or how to seduce them, but Jack gave me practical advice specific to Asian girls I could use immediately to improve my results. And when I thought things were over with one girl, he was able to read between the lines of her behavior and salvage the relationship with the action plan he laid out for me. Optimal game in Asia is different from what it is in western countries, and Jack knows what he's talking about from years of first-hand experience here. I learned much faster with his advice and have some great memories with Asian girls because of it.

- Will

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"The most practical advice out there for dating girls"

Jack knows his stuff. When I first moved away to University I was clueless just googling whatever I could to try to improve my results with women, but I eventually stumbled upon Jack’s stuff and it’s been some of the most practical advice out there for dating girls I've seen. It’s straight to the point and gives tactical tips and tricks you can begin applying immediately. As someone in their early 20s I feel like I’ve skipped the learning curve most men have to go through when it comes to dating in their 20s and have fast forwarded to being able to operate with the kind of mentality and knowledge it takes most guys until their mid 30s to figure out if they even figure it out at all.

- Kyle

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About Me

Meet Jack North

Hi, I'm Jack. I've been coaching men since 2015, and I've coached thousands of guys in person and online since then.

When I was younger, I knew less than nothing about dating  women, and my dating life suffered as a result.

It wasn't until I developed the system behind the Girlfriend Accelerator after years of struggling and practicing that I was able to achieve consistent success. I mastered how to approach girls, get their numbers, quickly schedule dates, how to have the BEST dates, and even perfected the art of always getting... repeat business.

But what took me over 7 years to perfect, I can teach you in a weekend!

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My YouTube channel where I host my weekly Live with Jack Podcast where I teach a weekly lesson and answer questions from the community.

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Where I post regular threads and tweets about dating, relationships, and some tales from my days as a player out in Seoul.

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A blog that started as purely a hobby that grew into a large community out here in Seoul and eventually now my Girlfriend Accelerator Program!